Planting Trees

Getting to go out and plant trees was a really memorable moment in my life. I’ve always seen trees my whole life, don’t get me wrong! But its a different thing altogether to actually getting to plant one with my own two hands. That’s a really heartwarming experience! It feels like you just got to save the world, its an awesome feeling!

Our day started at Burg Park were we gathered with a bunch of other volunteers to go over the action plan for the day. We went over how to plant a tree and then divided into groups. My group got an additional tree planting demo! the owners of the house that adopted the tree were were preparing to plant came outside to thank us for our work and watch the process.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 3.32.04 PM

We took turns with shovels to dig a deep hole for the tree. It was intense work going in! After making a deep enough hole, we loosened up the soil of the tree in its pot, pulled it out, and massaged the roots to loosen them so the tree would establish itself in its new home. After we got the roots loosened up, we put the tree in the hole we dug out and used a shovel to make sure the tree was at a good height. Then we rotated the tree so that growing branches would not end up in the street and ruin people’s cars as they parked. Finally, we filled the hole with soil, installed stakes to stabilize the growing tree, mulched, and watered the tree! I never knew planting a tree was such an intense process.

The owners thanked us for our work and off we went to plant more in the community! We planted multiple types of trees! There were all varieties, from evergreen trees that have their leaves all year to deciduous types that loose their leaves in the fall. We planted 10 trees total that day with plans to go again next month! Oh, and Christina took us to a great restaurant afterwards! I loved that chow! Overall it was an exciting and fun experience that I wont forget anytime soon!

– Ronvel

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