A Letter to Richmond High

Dearest Teachers, Staff, and Students,

We’re part of a volunteer unit of environmental agents dispatched to help educate you and the students on how our environment’s condition is these days. Now, you may be wondering “What does this have to do with me?” Well, we’ll tell you! If the environment stays this way,well our life expectancy will lower! Don’t worry though,we have a solution to this problem! We should have more recycle bins! Think about it!

Teachers, have you ever walked out your classroom and saw nothing but trash in the hallway? Its disheartening, isn’t it? Students, don’t you hate when you’re walking around and then you end up stepping on a chewed burger or something? Well guess what, if this keeps happening, we will never see the world as it’s really supposed to be: A beautiful place with a sparkling sea, and the freshest air to breathe in… Not to mention the lush, green forests where foliage falls gently on our faces! Instead, our world’s air will be air will be dark, mechanical, and maybe so hopeless that even the machines suffer! And the water..? HAHAHA! It’s pure salt! So please, help us at Earth Team fight this potential nightmarish future and let us install recycle/waste bins! …or please remember that half eaten bagel you saw earlier today c could decide how you live later in life. thank you for your time. Ciao!

Ronvel, Aeris, Jacqueline, and Briana

EarthTeam Interns

Semester Project: Installing Recycling Bins on Campus

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