Taking Care of Richmond’s Trees

It was a lonely morning when I arrived at Richmond High at around 7 or 8 AM. I waited to meet up with my group to go to a Tree Care Walk hosted by a non-profit, Richmond Trees. When I finally met up with Christina and and another volunteer, we headed to Burg Park where we met the rest of the group to go check on trees that had been planted and needed to be checked on to make sure they were thriving.

My group included Christina, Eulises, Lee, and Mary, Mae, and myself. We went along Maricopa Avenue to complete our tree care. The owner of the first house came out to greet us as we began working and even offered us a huge bowl of fruit! It was encouraging to see community members engage with us while we worked on their adopted trees.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 2.17.39 PM            Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 2.17.08 PM            Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 2.16.39 PM

We trimmed leaves of trees to encourage their growth / development, added mulch, softened the soil, watered the trees and filled out an assessment of the tree’s health based on our observations. We also included the care we provided to each tree in our notes. Finally, we visited the house of each person that adopted the trees we checked on and left a small pamphlet with them to let them know we visited to give an update to their tree. It was an arduous and laborious experience, however, it was WORTH it at the end when we all met up at Burg Park at the end and ate Round Table pizza!

– Arnold

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