Getting Serious About Recycling

As Spring Break approaches, AquaTeam has been hard at work behind the scenes to get recycling off the ground at Richmond High. Interns completed their first waste audit, sorting through over 23 pounds of classroom trash to find out what is really ending up in their waste stream.

We soon realized that most of the “trash” we threw away was really recycling! We found over 5 containers worth of plastic bottles and 2 containers worth of mixed paper. Our trash container was mostly full of chip bags. In fact, after sorting through everything, only 20% of the waste was true trash while recyclable materials made up 54% of the waste!



“Overall we give the school an environmental grade of C because our trash is making it into the trash bin but nothing is sorted! Most of the school is clean (thanks to the janitors!) but we do not have a recycling or composting system and there is no one to enforce recycling or increase awareness on campus.” – Areis and Ronvel

Armed with the data collected from the Waste Audit and their knowledge of the school’s waste systems, Aqua Team is in the process of helping set up a recycling system for the school to use. We have successfully installed recycling in 6 classrooms and the response has been positive. More teachers want to sign up and students are helping make the system work by separating their waste. We’re off to a great start, with plenty of good work yet to be done.

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