Water Bugs

Partnerships are powerful in the EarthTeam internship. They increase participation and interest for interns who are eager to make new friends. They help make a field outing more meaningful by bringing in experts that can help bring to light new points of view on every day things. Our field outing with SPAWNERS to survey creeks looking for macro-invertebrates did just that.

With Richmond High and Pinole Valley High partnering again, interns eagerly got into the creek to see just what was living inside. Christina and Edgar share their experiences and insights about the trip:

“My favorite activity in EarthTeam was Water Bugs with SPAWNERS (10/17/2015) because I got to wear hip waders and got to go inside the water. I also got to see that the creek is not healthy. We only saw 1 insect but it was fun.” – Edgar Perez

“My favorite field outing was Water Bugs with SPAWNERS. It was nice interacting with the interns from Pinole Valley High. Throughout the trip, we had a lot of good laughs, like looking at Edgar and Miguel wearing hip waders. Another funny moment was going up and down the hill and watching people. Looking at the dragonfly was also interesting and learning how different animals can determine the creeks health.” – Cristina Rios

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