Tracking Litter

The purpose of this event was to measure how many trash we can pick up from RHS to WC. It was hard fun but at the same time fun because I got a chance to spend time with me members and be able to know them more. My group members, Diana and Valeria were just as eager as I to get started on this project.

One thing I learned from this project was how little trash you throw on the ground or any other place could have a huge impact to our earth. Even though we were not able to pick up all the trash, at least we lessened the possibility of litter clogging up our storm drains and having a flood in a heavy storm. It was so much fun plus it distances you from using your phone for 2 hours. I’m not shy to open to other people anymore. As one together, we shall help society.

  • This post was written by Devi Laplana and Diana Laplana
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