Our Campus Cleanup

On January 25th at 4PM, Richmond High Interns hosted their first event; a Campus Cleanup to document litter around hotspot areas they identified from their data collection.

After just 30 minutes, they collected 343 pieces of litter on their hotspot areas. Below is a summary of their data:

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 10.19.59 AM

“The purpose of the campus cleanup was to clean trash around campus and involve others in the pickup to educate them on marine debris. Throughout the pickup we encountered mostly food wrappers but ultimately got to pick up a lot of trash (12 pounds!). In the end it felt good to make a difference and better the environment.” – Patricia Tovar

“At the campus cleanup, on Monday, January 25th, the RHS EarthTeam got together to clean the campus, I was assigned media which means I was taking pictures the whole time. I got to see my class mates picking up trash and cleaning the school. It was surprising to see how much trash we collected in only the outside portion of the school.” – Cristina Rios

“…All the interns worked together to pick up trash. Skills that I have gained is to socialize more. I used to be so shy and didnt want to talk in front of another person but now I have improved. I also got used to working with other students. My favorite part of this event was us worked together. ” – Devi Grace Laplana

“I felt good about the work that we have completed because we helped this school be clean and we helped the janitors. Some advice I would give to someone who is thinking about joining the internship is that they will enjoy it and they would feel good helping other people. My most favorite part was where we could go anywhere we wanted to cleanup.” – Diana Grace Laplana

“Today at Campus Cleanup we divided into 2 groups of 5 and we started collecting trash around campus. I was surprised that the school wasn’t as dirty as I thought it would be. We collected a lot of candy wrappers, food bags, and plastic bottles. One thing that I learned about this event is that we as students need to be more careful about throwing trash in school campus.” – Kimberly.

“Today on the campus cleanup I was responsible for giving safety instructions. I also was in charge of recording the data for my team and sharing that data with everyone. The highlight of today was doing something good for my school. Even though it was only EarthTeam participating on the cleanup I still think we did a really good job.” – Valeria R.

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