Visiting Wildcat Creek

On Monday, February 29th, We met in front of Richmond High to take the EarthTeam van on a special trip to Wildcat Creek. Our guest Campus Coordinator, Devin Cormia, came to teach the group about water quality testing.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 3.10.50 PM.png

“Devin Cormia came to an outdoor outing with us. He helped us take water quality and we would say how much oxygen the water had and temperature. Then we had to do a cleanup along the creek and in about 15 minutes, we picked up 4 pounds of trash. It was fun because we got a lot of debris that could have led to the bay.” – Kevin H.

“The day Devin from Pinole Valley High was with us ended up being very educational. He taught us how to use water testing equipment at Wildcat Creek as well as how oxygen level, depth, and acidity affects fish and other creatures. We also learned about the reasons why fish don’t travel through the stream.” – Patricia T.

“The day Devin from Pinole Valley High came to teach is about creek water was very exciting. I found it really interested learning about how to use probes to measure things like oxygen and the acidity of the water. I hope there will be another field outing soon so that we can actually go to the creed to test the skills we learned with Devin.” – Cristina R.

“The day we met Devin we went to Wildcat Creek and we learned how to check if there is oxygen in the water. He brought tools specialized on it and we learned how to use it. After we took a trail to Davis Park. While walking there we did a trash pickup and weighed how much trash we picked up afterwards.” – Roxana G.


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