Outdoor Classroom Construction

Interns are learning that putting your dreams into an action plan comes with really challenging and rewarding work. Over the past two meetings, we have been working on building the outdoor classroom together. From creating a pathway for visitors to walk on as they enter the new space to painting vibrant colors on the plant boxes, interns came face to face with the realities of bringing their vision of an outdoor classroom to life.

“The first thing we did for the outdoor classroom was build blueprints. We had to take measurements then we had to draw where the things are going to go. Then we had to lug the tiles about 700 yards which was hard but at least we finished. Then we had to place them and we had to make a design to show a path. Today we painted the plant beds. We didn’t finish but I think it will be done in 2-3 weeks.” – Kevin H.

“Building the outdoor classroom was fun but was also a struggle. However it was fun painting in our outdoor class. I also enjoyed placing the tiles so that it can make some kind of style on the floor, it was also a walking pathway to the entry of our classroom.” – Ashley S.

“Building our outdoor classroom has been a challenge, but it’s been a lot of fun. this was my first time actually building an outdoor classroom and I expected easier work. I am pretty confident on our work and I hope the outcome is great. I also hope that this is a motivation for future EarthTeam Interns to continue with our outdoor classroom. Hopefully other students will appreciate our work and enjoy the space as much as we do.” – Areli A.

“Building the outdoor classroom was tiring since the beginning, after making the blueprints, the hard part began with carrying the tiles to where we are building the outdoor classroom. there were about 300 tiles and only 12 of us. Then we started assembling the tiles how we wanted them. That part doesn’t sound hard but it had been raining and the ground was wet so I got dirty.” – Roxana G.

“Starting the outdoor classroom has been an interested experience. We’ve had a lot of challenges so far but we’ve also had some successes. Challenges like moving the 300 heavy pieces of tiles across the field, managing time, and sanding the paint off the planter box made the outdoor classroom a struggle. Although, we also achieved things, like getting the designs on the floor and starting to paint the plant boxes. I’m excited to see what else will come from building the outdoor classroom.” – Cristina R.

“In the process of building the outdoor classroom, we’ve had to carry tile and place it as well as sand plant boxes to then paint. The day we carried the tile to the location of the outdoor classroom was tiring. We each carried tile across the football field to the far corner in the school garden behind a tree. At first we each started carrying 2-3 tiles and discovered the struggle and how exhausting it was. Ultimately we discovered how teamwork made the process easier. A student would carry tile half was and meet another student to carry it the rest of the was. In the end it was a educational and accomplishing day. So far we have also sanded and painted the plant boxes but still have a lot to do.” – Patricia T.


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