Planting with Richmond Trees

Internships allow interns to explore different aspects of a potential career path that may interest them. One of the most exciting parts of exploration is going off on your own to a field partner on your own time to see how different organizations connect.  Interns from Richmond High’s Marine Debris Project went on their own to explore what its like to do plant trees in their community with Richmond Trees.

“On Saturdays March 26th Richmond Trees planting event I got to meet new people and reunite with others. I also got to plant my first tree. Overall the experience was awesome and fun. The event was originally supposed to start at 8:30 but started later because of some difficulties. Richmond trees offered me and the other volunteers snacks in the meantime. Later we did an ice breaker to get to meet each other we pared off and created a three move hand shake as well as pick a fun fact about why trees are good. In the end every pare shared their fact and showed their handshake. My fact was the trees save water as they offer shade and allow more water to be absorbed rather than be evaporated by the sun.

Once everyone finished we teamed up and got to meet our team leader Lee. She was really polite and joyfully since only two people and the equipment fit in her car Fernanda one of the urban forest tree inters and me got to ride with one of the women from the watershed that had presented to us before. In total we dug three tree holes to plant. The holes were about two feet deep and almost as wide as a shovel to allow room for the roots. We only got to plant one tree unfortunately because the others didn’t arrive but it’s one more tree in the world. Lee shared with us a fun fact that if the trees roots aren’t spread or loosened from how they were in the pot then they continue to grow that particular way instead of branching out sorta like a memory.

After planting my team worked together to create a dam out of soil for the tree and watered it. Finally we loosely strapped the tree to the wooden poles on its sides so it wouldn’t bend and collected the debris we had found earlier as we had dug the holes. In conclusion the experience was fun and I would definitely do it again.” – Patricia T.


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