Water Bugs with SPAWNERS

Richmond watershed interns Patricia and Roxana went to explore the macro-invertebrates of the Wilkie Creek on Saturday, April 2nd. Check out their experience at the event below:


“During the Spawners event at Wilkie Creek we got to investigate the creeks resistance to pollution by seeing the variety of bugs in the creek. In total we only got the chance to see about four different types ofbugs at the creek including Damselfly. We went down to the creek and used a sifting net which Helen placed where water moved and rubbed rocks as well as the ground to get the bugs in the net. After I helped her rinse the net into tubs with small circular sifters and began to pick and sort the types o bugsusing bendable twisers so we wouldn’t crush them. Once we were done species was looked at under a microscope and counted how many of each was found.

Helen did the results which to be honest I found confusing but we came to the conclusion than the creek was suffering from the great amount of pollution. Many of the bugs had big gills which helped to make up for the decrease in oxygen in the water due to bacteria. We discussed a couple of reasons for which the creek could be polluted including trash, and fertilizers. As we helped to clean up and put the bugs back to theeir iroginal environment we all got to know each other a little more. Helen spoke to use about the Cattisfly which forms a cacoon with its saliva by using it as glue to put together small rocks ending in a mosaic piece. She showed us pictures of it and I was surprised by how beautiful they turned out. The other volunteer had seen them in person during one of the field outing in college at Yosemite and said a lady sells Cattisfly jewelry. Finally few people arrive at the event but it was their loss I enjoyed it and got to learn new things. “
– This post was written by Patricia T.
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