Air Quality Interns Explore Merits of a Carbon Tax


On Thursday, January 5th, the Richmond Air Quality Interns spoke with Put A Price On It campaigner Tom Erb to learn more about creative solutions to climate change.

Erb, a college student traveling to raise awareness about the idea of a carbon tax, was recently featured in an episode of the National Geographic series Years of Living Dangerously. The episode, “Priceless” explores some of the tangible evidence of climate change like the decline of elephant populations in parts of Africa. Young people from around the country also share their efforts to promote the taxing of carbon emitters.

“A carbon tax is a tax that companies would pay because of the carbon [they] released into the air.” – Jaqeuline Miranda

The Air Quality Interns screened the episode with Tom, and then discussed his campaign efforts. And the good and bad of a carbon tax.

“I believe this is a good thing because then carbon dioxide will be reduced and maybe we can slow down global warming.” – Linda Marquez

The Interns also practiced some of the skills Tom has learned for speaking with public officials about promoting a cause.

“You can educate people about what a carbon tax is and why it’s important. You could talk to the government (local or federal) or make a petition.” – Valeria Rocha


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