In the 2014-2015 school year, Richmond High School student interns will participate in an after school service-learning project to reduce litter in their communities and watershed. This blog will serve as a platform for interns to share their work. Read more about the Zero Litter Project here.

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Join the Zero Litter Project and help make an impact! Heres a student generated Guide to Litter Data Collection on how to get started!

What you will need:

1. A smartphone or tablet

2. A willingness to go outside

3. Litter

How to Collect Litter Data:

1. Log onto Instagram with your smartphone or tablet

2. Enable location services on your smartphone or tablet, your camera app, and the Instagram app

3. Find some litter

4. Once you have located some litter, take a picture of it in the Instagram app

5. In the “caption” section, hashtag the following:

#zerolitter #[the material of litter] #[the brand if you see it]

6. Enable “Add to Photo Map”

7. Upload your picture!

8. Pick up the litter.

9. Repeat Steps 3-8.


Do not “Name the Location” on the Instagram app. Doing so will mess up your data.

Make sure you #ZeroLitter or your data will not upload to the map

Make it a habit! Just 5 pieces a day makes a huge difference

Want to work with the Zero Litter Project?

Reach out to project facilitator Christina at christina@earthteam.net


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