Meet the Richmond High Zero Litter & Watershed Interns!

My name is Paola Barragan. I am a junior and I attend Richmond high school. After high school I would like to attend to college, I always knew that I had to go but my big question is what major I should take. I like environmental science and I like taking care of people which kind of gives me a clue in what major I should take. My family is really important to me, I would do anything for them. I really like helping my community in ways no one else does. My passion for helping my community is what brought me to join EarthTeam. I am a shy person that opens up when I gain trust with the people I interact with. I am really looking forward to find my path in life.



My name is Alberto Solano. My friends call me Al-b (al-bee), I’m known around school as the weirdo, that one guy who knows it all…of course I don’t. I try to, However. I like knowing. Possibly explains why I have a such good grades. I’m a straight A student and currently have a 4.2 gpa.  Like I said, I’m also the weirdo. I’m actually a huge nerd; I’ve always been into realm beyond reality and i’m not ashamed to show it. I dream out loud, I know what I want, and I definitely go around telling any and every person. My dreams at the moment are to pass high school with flying colors, breeze through college and become an Engineer. I joined EarthTeam to help me do just that. This program involves scientific principles that are key in anything; finding the problem, designing an experiment, constructing a hypothesis, research and ultimately resolve the problem. I’m a man of science and this program stimulates that man inside me. All in all, Alberto Solano is a fun, weird and determined young soul who has a passion for his education.


Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 10.55.24 PM

My name is Linda Aguilar. I am sixteen years old.  I live with my mom and brother. I am a junior in Richmond high school. I would love to continue my education and go to college for as many years that is necessary to pursue my dream job. I am an outgoing, friendly, and a positive person. I love animals. I love to talk and laugh. I hate negative people. I don’t really like to read. I like to listen to different music, go out with friends and family, meet new people, go to the gym, and take long walks. One reason I joined Aqua Team was because I love to help out. It’s a huge opportunity to help make positive change in my community and the environment where we all live.


Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.33.16 PM

My name is Diana Ocampo and I’m a Junior at Richmond high school. I’m a very energetic person and full of life. I love to think about the environment. I decided to become a member of Aqua Team squad because this internship helps me a lot; not only in education but it helps me think outside the box.

Over the first few months in this internship I have mastered many leadership skills such as creating lasting bonds between my peers, communication, and planning projects. I have really improved and I’m really grateful to have this internship especially because I know I can be myself, my crazy self, here. My leader has made me think how we can really start making a change in our communities. I love bringing joy to everyone in the group. We are now a family who care for each other. My dream is to graduate from medical school and become a plastic surgeon and help kids with haired lips. I love playing the piano and singing those are the things that take me out of this world. Since I’m super weird I’m lucky to have my team by my side.


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