Richmond High Earth Team’s Wanlass Park Project Moving Along

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Richmond High School’s Earth Team held a successful Tree Planting on the weekend of March 23rd, when a break in the rains gave us some much needed time to plant some trees. Interns were joined by Kennedy High School Interns and some community members, and together they were able to plant 18 trees.

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Work has shifted at Wanlass to include the front of the park, near the parking lot. This work is a lot more visible to the public, and many people who were visiting the park for other reasons saw Earth Team working hard to improve the park.

56894413_882061965509616_456446459676459008_n (1).jpg

As the project enters its final months, interns are working hard to make the final plantings count. Many of the trees planted 2 or 3 years ago have grown substantially, and the visible progress of the park makes the work all the more rewarding.

56920196_441838583253967_4932718069135966208_n (1).jpg

Interns planted a variety of species at the park, including Incense Cedar, california bay laurel, bigleaf maple, and blue oak. Interns also named some of the trees they planted, including “Alex” the maple and “Junior” the cedar. They will be back at the park soon to check on their trees and make sure they have everything they need.


The planting was a rousing success, and interns rejoiced in their hard work over some Pizza. Since the project is almost complete, the interns took some time to reflect on their work there over the school year and previous years. Creating a forest out of an abandoned lot is incredibly rewarding work!

Richmond High Earth Team Leading the Transformation of Wanlass Park


This winter has been wet, and this Saturday was no exception. Interns from Richmond and Pinole High Schools toughed it out, though, and enjoyed a successful tree planting at Wanlass Park.


Richmond High School’s Earth Team Interns are now experts on tree planting as the Wanlass Park project enters its final months. The Interns are so familiar with the process that they were able to effectively explain the tree planting process to the Pinole Interns that joined them at the park, many of whom had never planted a tree before. IMG_6161.jpg

By the end of the event, the group was able to plant eight trees in wet and muddy conditions. Work focused on native species, including blue oak, california bay laurel, california buckeye, and bigleaf maples. The trees that were planted were starting to leaf out, and in the coming weeks interns should see spring come to life at the park.


Ironically, the sun came out as we were wrapping up. but there were few complaints from the interns. Many smiles and muddy boots left the park as the group continues to transform Wanlass Park into a beautiful forest.

Richmond High School Interns Lead Wanlass Park Planting


It was a cold Saturday morning at Wanlass Park in San Pablo when Richmond High School’s Earth Team Interns had one simple goal; plant 20 trees at the park. With a lot of help from some community members and Earth Team Interns from Hercules and Kennedy High Schools, they managed to plant all of the trees and have a great time in the process.


The morning began with a demonstration where two interns, Dzalia and Isabel, dug a perfect hole and planted a tree to show the other schools how it is done. These two were also among the most prolific planting groups, managing to get 3 trees in the ground before the event ended. Great work!


Once the attendees knew how to plant trees successfully, they all set out to plant some on their own. With a bit of hard work, every group managed to plant at least one, leaving them feeling satisfied that their work sees a new tree breathe life into the once desolate park.


Overall, the planting was a huge success. The interns met their goals and overcame some tough conditions; rocky soils, steep slopes, and tall grasses. By the end, everyone felt satisfied with a hard day’s work and a bright future for the park.

Thanks to everyone who came and helped us out! We appreciate your hard work and look forward to more successful planting in the future.

Richmond High School Interns Hard at Work at Wanlass Park


Richmond High School’s Earth Team Interns have quite the task for themselves this year; the final stages of creating a new park! They are working with the City of San Pablo to turn a vacant lot along San Pablo Avenue into the City’s newest Park. Interns from the past 3 years have been planting trees at this site, so this year’s interns have the two-sided job of planting new trees and protecting the ones that already have been planted.


Weeds have exploded around the site after the recent rains, so the interns have to work faster than the weeds can grow in order to protect the trees. They are also able to learn about the species of weeds they pull, many of which are invasive.

The interns have also been hard at work re-staking the trees, which have become damaged in the last few weeks as the stormy winds rocked the park. The interns have been able to help out most of the trees at the park, and are working to help the rest!


With their work cut out for them, the interns continue to work through the issues with a positive attitude. They are eager to plant new trees in addition to the maintenance they are doing, which will be happening at our first tree planting event this Saturday, December 15th. A post will follow after that event with more updates on the park! Happy Trails!


Meet the Interns!


Allison Lopez – My name is Allison Lopez I am a sophomore. I joined earth team because I started realizing that there was a lot of trash in my community and I felt disgusted so I decided to do something about it. A fun fact is that i love animals doesn’t matter if they are ugly or creepy they are all the same.


Ashly Rivas – My name is Ashly Rivas and I am a sophomore. I joined Earth Team because I wanted to be more involved in nature. I love listen to music and dancing even though I can’t.


Bryant Martinez – My name is Bryant Martinez and I am a senior. I joined earth team because I want to gain new experience and do outdoor activities. A fun fact about me is I love outside activities. I like to hike, watch anime, play sports, and hangout with friends.


Daphne Munguia –Hi, I;m Daphne Munguia and I’m in the 11th grade. I like to be spontaneous and outgoing. I have 2 dogs and I also play volleyball, as a setter. I joined Earth Team because I wanted to gain new skills and do something productive that also helps my comunity.


Dzalia Araujo – My name is Dzalia Araujo and i am a in 12 grade. I joined Earth Team because I love trees and I care about the environment. Fun fact about me is I like to paint and draw.


Guadalupe Miranda – My name is Guadalupe Miranda and I am a junior. I joined Earth team because I care about my community and the environment. I also do it because I want to do something after school and go out in adventures. I also like drawing and I like to go hiking. I was born on Mexico and I am the oldest of two. I also want to learn experience on going camping.


Guillermo Calderon – My name is Guillermo Calderon and I am a senior at Richmond High. I joined Earth Team to help the environment. I see how environmentally unfriendly my city is, so I want to do something about it.


Isabel Araujo – My name is Isabel and I am in the 9th grade. I joined Earth Team because I like nature and being outside with other people. In my free time, I like to listen to music and play guitar.


Linda Marquez – My name is Linda Marquez I joined Earth team because i enjoy doing my part for the environment. I was born in Oakland and my family roots are Mexican. I love animals and nature, dancing to banda, reading, and listening to music.


Marianna Mendez – My name is Mariana Mendez and I am a Senior. I joined Earth Team because I love meeting new people and being informed about our environment. This is my 3rd year part of Earth Team. I was born in Oklahoma and I have done a pre-college course at Brown University. I watch anime and C dramas. I go hiking with my family on the weekends.


Rosselyn Cruz – My name is Rosselyn and I attend Richmond high school. I like sushi and socks with anything that look funny or beautiful. I joined Earth Team because I’m really into nature and having adventures. I want to be part of helping my community see the importance of taking care of the Earth.

Arbor Day 2018: Richmond H.S. Tree Planting With Groundwork Richmond


If someone were to tell you that only a handful of youth directly made an impact on Richmond’s air quality, you wood not believe it. On the 20th of October, Groundwork Richmond branched out to Earth Team and invited them to this hear’s Arbor Day Tree Planting event. Our primary objective – to plant 20 trees and assess several more along the Richmond  Greenway, for the benefit of the next generation of the Richmond community.

IMG_1874.jpg As with every successfully curated event, the hosts provided refreshments for the Arbor Day enthusiasts who woke early to be present that morning, including Richmond and Kennedy High School. Once bellies were full and hands filled with the compulsion to bring more life to the Richmond Greenway, Groundwork Richmond staff welcomed all and immediately got down to business; but first, tree planting tutorials were of first priority. Richmond interns Fernando and Ashly absorb all that they can on properly executing a tree planting.


Interns were excited for their first tree planting of the year. For Richmond intern Daphne, it was mulch madness! Every group of interns had various duties: digging the hole, priming the saplings, staking the wooden poles, watering, etc.


The day felt it flew by, but the work was no doubt physically demanding; however, that made the reward of seeing ~20 beautiful along the Richmond Greenway all the more satisfying! Richmond interns Guadalupe and Daphne are in congratulatory mode after a job well done.


The day was christened off by Richmond’s Mayor Tom Butt, who stopped by to say a few words, and those words were nothing but impactful; for he said the official Arbor Day Declaration, making the city of Richmond an official Arbor Day Site!

Special thanks to all community members who were right beside Earth Team in planting trees, residents who paused their morning family bike ride to help out, and Groundwork Richmond for curating and hosting one of many eventful tree plantings. Great job!

Joint Richmond-Kennedy High School Waste Action Leaders Take On Rumrill

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 6.37.12 PM.png

The intersection of Rumrill Blvd. and San Pablo Ave. had the chance to finally have a breath of fresh air for the first time in a long while on the 12th of this month; and Richmond / Kennedy interns have to be thanked for that!

2 interns from Richmond H.S. and 1 from Kennedy devoted their Friday afternoon to give Rumrill Blvd. some tender love and care (TLC) by conducting yet another litter assessment.


These aren’t your typical interns; even in the face of disgust, they saw the beautiful and fun. Richmond intern Daphne insisted on making a game out of it. Whoever picked up litter in the most creative way would be crowned the winner!

Team work makes the dream work, and that’s exactly the motto interns had that day. While 2 conducted the litter assessment, the other had the handy dandy Marine Debris Tracker app and was documenting every piece of litter.

“Plastic cup!”


“Food wrapper!”

Types of litter were thrown to garbage bags so often, one would think these interns were baseball players.


As the old adage goes, “less is more”; and those 3 interns are the epitome of that saying: within the span of 2 hours (with the help and guidance of their coordinator) they collected over 8 bags of trash. That’s over 670 pieces of litter! Thanks to Daphne, Brittany, and Fernando to their diligent effort in cleaning up Rumrill!

Interns Spearhead Their Own Abyss of The Unknown on Marine Debris


If an adjective had to be chosen to describe the aura of this year’s Richmond ET interns, bets would be placed on mettlesome – fiery and full of spirt. Fiery in the sense of the burning sensation that is their conscious, as can be seen through their excitement. Full of spirit from how they refuse to not understand the issues their community faces. In this meeting’s case, it’s how long marine debris lasts in the ocean.

Continuing with ocean waste education, it was unanimous that an interactive activity was in order to learn about how long marine debris truly lasts in the environment.

They were given a short list of items most commonly found in marine debris sites (glass bottle, plastics, rope/fishing nets, etc.), and a list of durations (3 months, 50 years, 200 years, etc.). The goal was simple: match each marine debris item with their corresponding timeframe. Interns wasted no time in figuring out the timeline.


Team work was extremely prevalent;  interns Allison, Daphne, Bryant, and Guadalupe delegated tasks for a quicker turnaround time. The pressure was building as each team were inching nearer to completion, but that did not mean the timeline presented itself with some curveballs! Make no mistake; without any prior knowledge of marine debris, it would be an extremely difficult task to complete.


They had to discuss, critically think, use their deduction skills (and not to mention their gut), to crack the timeline. Interns Linda and Mariana were constantly in debate while Dzalia ferociously contemplated the duration of a monofilament fishing line.

Once all was said and done, they were excited to see the fruit of their labor come to fruition. The highest scoring team got 5 correct; but it wasn’t the amount right that mattered. Interns were shocked to find out that no expert knows how long a glass bottle lasts as marine debris! Interns were in disarray, to say the least.


From this experience, their sense of agency overpowered the sense of despair, for now they felt equipped with the knowledge they accumulated from this meeting to take action! Great job to all interns!


Waste Action Youth Conduct Litter Assessment in Richmond


This was only the second meeting for the Richmond High School (RHS) Earth Team interns and they are already hitting the ground running! This was first meeting after the Coastal Cleanup Day, and they reflected on how much litter they collected. All interns communicated and were in consensus that more should be done regarding litter, and that 3rd meeting was their lucky day!

These intelligent interns got down to business and immediately took them only several minutes to learn how to use the Marine Debris Tracker App, an application developed in part by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to increase public engagement in citizen science.

It did not take long at all before Richmond’s waste action leaders took to their campus and conducted their first litter audit! They immediately knew where the hotspots might be – the sports complex, including the football field and stadium, cross country track, and the surrounding green area. Those pesky football players!


They split up in groups of 3-4 and within the hour and it was not long after that they needed more trash bags! No bush was unchecked; and indeed they searched every nook and cranny! ET interns Elly, Guadalupe, and Allison (left to right) conducted an in-depth assessment of a bamboo patch and found many items.


Teamwork was extremely prevalent during the assessment. Interns Bryant, Mariana, and Marisol worked together tirelessly and made it their mission to collect more litter than any other group!


All in all, interns appreciated the fact that they got to go outside and make a positive impact on their campus. They collected a total of 6 trash bags and over 900 pieces of litter! Great job to every waste action leader!